Garland P. Stout Historic Research Maps of North Carolina.

Have you ever been doing research on a place name in North Carolina's history and have not been able to find the location? The GP Stout Maps will solve that problem. From over 3500 maps of North Carolina, going throughout history, the place names - towns, creeks, communities, mountains, post offices, ferry sites, mill sites, post offices, rural churches and cemeteries, have been pinpointed on a modern county road map. Each location, using an alpha/numeric system, is located on a scaled map of each of the 100 counties of North Carolina. An index is included with each map giving dates and, for some sites, a brief history.

So, place name from the entire history of each county can be found using these maps. Genealogical researchers have been using these for over 40 years in finding old family stomping grounds. Even writers of historic fiction have found these invaluable in accurately depicting the landscape during a certain era. Each map is printed on a vellum stock and shipped rolled in a heavy cardboard tube. These will save you countless hours of research and give you a true feel of North

Picturesque Historical Maps Suitable for Framing We also have original maps & a collection of surveys from the Charlotte area

1825 Mills Atlas of South Carolina

Robert Mills, designer of the Washington Monument, created these maps in 1820, which were published in 1825. They are a true snapshot of South Carolina in the early 1800's showing roads, ferry sites, communities, land owners and physical features. Printed in sepia ink on heavy ivory stock (except for the Charleston District, which is printed on white) these informative maps are conservation piece.

William Cummings Series of North Carolina

This fifteen maps trace the development of North Carolina starting with the 1600's when native Americans names dominate through the late 1800's when settlements were formed along rail lines. Printed in sepia ink on ivory stock these affordable maps make a great addition to a home library or office. Sizes vary but they all show great detail.

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